Scavenger Hunt

I hide my love in the places you could find it

So stop shielding your eyes and counting, and venture out

Leave no stone unturned, for love is a tricky thing – which

When undiscovered, breeds envy, contempt, doubt, and hope.

My body is your map:

Excavate the goodbyes that fall from my lips

which should’ve been said with arms and fingers,

Afraid to let go.

Scrutinize the linger of my eyes on yours.

If I break away first with shadows in my smile,

Dig deeper.

Ransack the fissures in the carapace over my chest

Trace them, know them,

The bone might spell out your name in cracks.

Delve into my most cryptic dreams

And see if the faceless figures carry the hints

Of your countenance.

I will leave clues until I run out of pieces to hide,

My body filled with inextricable ore.

Though the luster of this love may fade

And each artifact grow faint and old,

They will forever linger in their sepulchral spots.

The first pieces of love that you hide can never be replaced,

And are truly never forgotten.


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