some sappy love poem

I’ve always been known as that quiet girl

but something in the way your eyes crinkle when you smile

makes me want to expend all my words, every syllable and sound I could ever summon,

just to see you show your crooked teeth in joy again.

Yet at the same time, just a glimpse of you leaves me

even more silent than I ever was before

and they say “tongue-tied,” but really the sight of you

rips my tongue to pieces and leaves me choking

on words I should’ve said.

I am jealous of every atom that sits on your skin

and aligns its nucleus to the charges pulsing through your veins

and when I think of you my heart threatens to beat

out of my chest

in pursuit of its antithetical counterpart – because after all, opposites attract.


We were always separated by miles of land and sky,

your sunsets always a few minutes after mine

yet the distance was never enough to separate the thought of you from my mind.

But now you are truly going far away

and time and age and experience

will cleave you from me

I hope you like the smell of peach trees and pecans

I hope you miss me just a little.


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